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Other Style Vibrators

Other Style Vibrators

3Way Tongue Joy Oral Microvibe Kit

Introducing 3Way by Tonguejoy. Multiple uses with quality that lasts. This patented toy includes a r..

£35.90 Ex Tax: £35.90

American Pop Whaam Vibrator Pink

Collectors, take note, American POP is here to revolutionize your pleasure products gallery with a v..

£55.49 Ex Tax: £55.49

Black Velvets Medium Vibrator

For her and him!Strongly grooved vibrator with stimulating anchor for stimulating the clitoris and p..

£55.49 Ex Tax: £55.49

Dillio Vibrating Mini Sex Ball

Blow it up, sit on it, and enjoy the wild workout! The Dillio Vibrating Mini Sex Ball is no ordinary..

£78.35 Ex Tax: £78.35

Doxy Skittle Vibrating Massager

The Doxy Skittle encourages you to be creative in your solo or shared sex life, using the full exten..

£130.60 Ex Tax: £130.60

Eves Silicone Pink Lucky Bunny Clitoral Vibrator

This long-eared vibrating bunny is ready to tease, please, and cradle your clitoris in every way pos..

£70.19 Ex Tax: £70.19

Foreplay Ice Frost Vibrating Massager

Foreplay Ice'. it's a whole new way to play! Frozen silicone, The cooling caress of ice creates sens..

£50.60 Ex Tax: £50.60

Goodhead Vibrating Tongue Ring Pink

Slip on the one size fits all disposable vibrating tongue ring and watch her ecstasy soar to new hei..

£19.58 Ex Tax: £19.58

I Rub My Duckie Happiness White

Dots in all colours, happy eyes that look at you, sparkling glitters and intense vibrations put a sm..

£40.80 Ex Tax: £40.80

I Rub My Duckie Romance

Sweet kisses and romantic hearts bring romance in your hand, you instantly fall in love with these c..

£40.80 Ex Tax: £40.80

I Rub My Duckie Wild Tiger

Meet this cheerful and friendly vibrating massage ducky that plays with you wherever you want. The p..

£40.73 Ex Tax: £40.73

Infra Red Massager

Dual action infra red massager worlds first 7" Massager with Infrared heat. Therapeutically advanced..

£19.58 Ex Tax: £19.58

iRide Vibrating Rocker

Ride it, rock it, or spoon it!!! iRide is a powerful new movement in toys. You control the rhythm, s..

£212.23 Ex Tax: £212.23

Mini Marvels Marvelous Clit Vibe Bunny

Tickle your fancy wherever you go with the exotic Mini Marvels Marvelous Bunny. The rechargeable, pe..

£81.62 Ex Tax: £81.62

OhMiBod iPod Vibrator

The OhMiBod vibrator is a whole new way to enjoy your iPod or any other music player. Everyone loves..

£93.04 Ex Tax: £93.04

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