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Anal Probes

Anal Probes

Anal Finger Stimulator

2.5" (6.5cm) smooth slim silicone anal plug with finger hole. Ideal for anal beginners...

£12.23 Ex Tax: £12.23

Anal Rotator Vibrator

Ultra slim rotating penis tip vibe with ultra 7 function anal stimulator.The brains of this master's..

£60.39 Ex Tax: £60.39

Anal Special Dildo

Especially designed so the guy can deliver double penetration pleasure to their partner we bring you..

£39.17 Ex Tax: £39.17

Crystal Jellies Anal Delight Butt Plug

Now you can explore your Anal Fantasies with the Crystal Jellies 5 Inch Pink Anal Delight, a soft, d..

£17.94 Ex Tax: £17.94

Dark Stallions 7 Inch Silicone Dual Butt Plug

Dark Stallions 7 inch Silicone Dual Butt Plug Black. This 4-inch butt plug is made from high-quality..

£24.47 Ex Tax: £24.47

Eclipse X Vibrating Anal Probe

10 function remote control silicone probe. graduated beaded shaft and waterproof..

£106.11 Ex Tax: £106.11

Essentials Vivid Six Inch Anal Starter

Exciting Erotic Essential. Essentials from Vivid toys. The Vivid Girls personal selections from thei..

£15.49 Ex Tax: £15.49

EX Penis Anal Probe

The EX line is the very best in simply shaped erotic toys for his and her pleasure! Translucent jell..

£9.78 Ex Tax: £9.78

Jelly Anal Vibrator

This is a sexy shocking pink coloured, jelly material 18cm long, slim sensitive anal vibrator with a..

£47.33 Ex Tax: £47.33

Jolly Butt Cock Anal Dildo

Jelly Krystals Jolly Butt Cock is a 6.5 Inch jelly cock with balls.Nice and slim with a firm suction..

£26.11 Ex Tax: £26.11

Kinx Anovibe Vibrating Anal Beads

Anovibe Vibrating Anal Beads. This firm, but flexible, vibrating anal bead stick is 5 inches long an..

£22.84 Ex Tax: £22.84

Knob Job Rainbow Anal Silicone Probe

Get down and play in a colourful way with Knob Job Rainbow silicone Sex Toy.This super fun colourful..

£70.19 Ex Tax: £70.19

Manhandler Dildo Tool

This is the super deep probing Manhandler anal probe, it is flesh coloured, penis-shaped with a vein..

£45.70 Ex Tax: £45.70

Red Ringer Anal Wand

Take your anal pleasures to the heights of extreme eroticism, use this wonderfully designed anal wan..

£26.11 Ex Tax: £26.11

Rouge Stainless Steel Anal Hook

This impressive steel hook can be hooked up to ropes and other bondage equipment, making sure it kee..

£70.20 Ex Tax: £70.20

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