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Bondage Hoods

Bondage Hoods

Leather Full Face Mask With Detachable Blinkers

Genuine leather face mask with detachable blinkers and mouth piece and zipper. One size with laces...

£196.72 Ex Tax: £196.72

Leather Head Mask

Instil a visual nightmare or medieval torture with this genuine leather head mask with lace up sides..

£146.11 Ex Tax: £146.11

Leather Muzzle Mask

Genuine leather muzzle mask with hanging metal ring on top, adjustable with buckles...

£115.09 Ex Tax: £115.09

Master Series Bad Kitten Leather Cat Mask

Meow! The ancient Egyptians worshipped them, but today we keep them as pets. When you slip into this..

£122.43 Ex Tax: £122.43

Rouge Leather Harness with Faux Leather Hoodie

Leather Harness with Faux Leather Hoodie. The harness is made of genuine leather and the hoodie is m..

£130.60 Ex Tax: £130.60

Rubber Secrets Mask

Unisex All made out of 100 % natural neoprene of the best quality. This gives you the option to cut ..

£93.04 Ex Tax: £93.04

Strict Bondage Hood With Breathable Ball Gag

Play with sensory deprivation for an intensified experience with your lover! Put your plaything in a..

£184.47 Ex Tax: £184.47

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