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Bad Kitty Black Plush Handcuffs

Metal handcuffs covered with soft black plush (polyester). Safety cuffs, opens with a key or with a ..

£32.64 Ex Tax: £32.64

Deluxe Metal Handcuffs

stainless steal hand cuffs with 2 keys..

£13.04 Ex Tax: £13.04

Eroflame Metal Handcuffs

Great stainless steel handcuffs, your partner will be well and truely locked up!..

£11.41 Ex Tax: £11.41

Japanese Style Small Silicone Bondage Cuffs

Japanese Style Bondage Silicone Cuffs for both beginners and restraint enthusiasts, these premium si..

£26.11 Ex Tax: £26.11

KINK Hogtied Bind and Tie 6mm Hemp Wrist or Ankle Cuffs

The rope is the original bondage and restraint tool, and finding the right rope for the job is essen..

£31.00 Ex Tax: £31.00

Leather Wrist Cuffs With Metal And Padlocks

Leather cuffs with metal back and padlock...

£115.09 Ex Tax: £115.09

Ouch Adjustable Black Leather Handcuffs

Looking for a handcuff with a handle that is made to play hard with? Look no further. The Adjustable..

£24.47 Ex Tax: £24.47

Ouch Luxury Black Hand Cuffs

Enrich your BDSM play with these elegant yet super strong handcuffs! With 6 adjustable holes, they w..

£26.11 Ex Tax: £26.11

Quickie Cuffs Large

Be ready for anything with the completely transportable, sensuous, easy to useQuickie Cuffs.Quiet no..

£17.94 Ex Tax: £17.94

Quickie Cuffs Medium

Be ready for anything with the completely transportable, sensuous, easy to use Quickie Cuffs.Quiet n..

£16.31 Ex Tax: £16.31

Red Furry Ankle Cuffs

Metal ankle cuffs with detachable fur. Lock with safety latch. 2 keys. Chain length 43 cm...

£15.49 Ex Tax: £15.49

Rouge Garments Black Fur Wrist Cuffs

Handcrafted leather with faux fur lined cuffs. Securely fastened by buckle straps and connected by a..

£58.76 Ex Tax: £58.76

Rouge Garments Black Rubber Wrist Cuffs

An exquisite pair of rubber restraint wrist cuffs. Fully adjustable buckle straps made of comfortabl..

£60.39 Ex Tax: £60.39

Rouge Garments Leather Croc Print Wrist Cuffs

Plain Leather Wrist Cuffs with fully adjustable buckle straps in Burgundy Snake Print and Black Acce..

£52.23 Ex Tax: £52.23

Rouge Garments Wrist Cuffs Padded Black

Leather wrist cuffs one D-ring and fully adjustable buckle straps. Padded and fully detachable trigg..

£73.47 Ex Tax: £73.47

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